1: 1. Saitama 2. Goku 3. Naruto 4. Luffy

2: 5. Ichigo 6. Madara 7. Meliodas 8. Gon

3: 9. All Might 10. Mob

4: These characters possess unimaginable strength and abilities, making them stand out among others in the anime world.

5: From superhuman strength to magical powers, these characters have dominated the anime universe with their sheer power.

6: Who will reign supreme in this epic battle of strength and power? Let's find out who makes it to the top of the list.

7: Witness the intense battles and epic showdowns as these powerful anime characters face off against each other in a fight for supremacy.

8: Prepare to be amazed by the incredible feats and unbelievable powers of these top 10 most powerful anime characters of all time.

9: Stay tuned as we unveil the ultimate champion of the anime world, the most powerful character among them all.

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