1: "Attack on Titan" - A thrilling series about humanity's fight against giant monsters.

2: "Dororo" - Follow a young swordsman on a quest for his body parts.

3: "Erased" - A gripping story of a man who travels back in time to prevent tragedies.

4: "Vinland Saga" - Explore the world of Vikings and their epic battles.

5: "Made in Abyss" - Join a young girl on a perilous journey through a mysterious abyss.

6: "The Promised Neverland" - Discover a chilling tale of children escaping a sinister orphanage.

7: "Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World" - Follow Subaru as he navigates a dangerous fantasy world.

8: "Grand Blue" - Laugh along with a group of college students as they dive into the world of diving.

9: "Dr. Stone" - Join Senku as he uses science to rebuild civilization after a mysterious event.

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