1: Meet Boji the adventurous dog who navigates his daily 30 km commute all by himself!

2: Boji boards the metro, ferry, and tram with ease, capturing the hearts of fellow commuters.

3: This incredible pup's solo travels have gained him popularity as the ultimate commuter canine.

4: Witness Boji's daily journey as he hops from one mode of transportation to the next.

5: From metro platforms to ferry docks, Boji proves that nothing can stop him from exploring.

6: Boji's story is a true testament to the intelligence and independence of our furry friends.

7: Join us in celebrating Boji's daily adventures as he travels through the bustling cityscape.

8: With a wag of his tail and a keen sense of direction, Boji explores the world like a true explorer.

9: Discover the charming tale of Boji the dog, a true symbol of determination and resilience in the modern world.

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