1: LSU Tigers standout Angel Reese takes her talents to the WNBA Draft, ready to make an impact on the professional stage.

2: The talented forward from Maryland is a force to be reckoned with, known for her versatility and skill on the court.

3: Angel Reese's decision to declare for the WNBA Draft comes as no surprise, as she has proven herself as a top prospect.

4: With her impressive stats and leadership abilities, Reese is sure to be a valuable asset to any team in the league.

5: LSU fans will miss Reese's presence on the court, but are excited to see her shine at the next level in the WNBA.

6: As she prepares for the draft, Reese is focused on continuing to improve her game and make a name for herself in the league.

7: Angel Reese's dedication and passion for basketball make her a standout player to watch as she enters the WNBA Draft.

8: Stay tuned as Angel Reese embarks on this new chapter in her basketball career, ready to take on the WNBA with determination.

9: Get ready to see Angel Reese's star rise even higher as she showcases her skills and talent in the upcoming WNBA Draft.

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