1: Justin Timberlake's highly anticipated new album falls just short of securing multiple spots on the Hot 100 chart.

2: Despite critical acclaim, Timberlake's latest release fails to dominate the Billboard charts as expected.

3: Fans disappointed as new tracks fail to crack the top spots on the music charts.

4: Timberlake's album showcases his versatility but struggles to gain widespread commercial success.

5: Critics praise Timberlake's experimentation on new album, lament its lack of chart-topping hits.

6: Collaborations with top artists not enough to push Timberlake's album into the Hot 100.

7: Despite a strong start, Timberlake's album quickly loses momentum on the music charts.

8: Industry insiders speculate on the reasons behind Timberlake's album falling short of chart success.

9: Will Timberlake's next release be able to reclaim his throne on the Hot 100?

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