1: "Step 1: Prep your lids with primer for longevity and smooth application."

2: "Step 2: Apply a neutral base shadow to even out skin tone on the eyelids."

3: "Step 3: Choose a dark eyeshadow shade to create the smokey effect."

4: "Step 4: Blend the dark shadow into the crease for a seamless transition."

5: "Step 5: Use a lighter shade to highlight the brow bone and inner corner."

6: "Step 6: Add eyeliner to define eyes and create depth."

7: "Step 7: Finish with mascara for voluminous lashes."

8: "Step 8: Soften any harsh lines with a clean blending brush."

9: "Voila! You now have a gorgeous smokey eye look perfect for those over 40."

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