Coin Collector's Paradise: 8 Bicentennial Quarters Valued at $45K Each

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Double-Struck Mint Error Bicentennial Quarter: A rare find where the quarter was struck twice, causing a noticeable and unique doubling effect that collectors covet.

Off-Center Bicentennial Quarter: This quarter was misaligned during the minting process, making it a rare anomaly that stands out in any collection.

Full Drum Lines Bicentennial Quarter: Exceptionally rare, this quarter features fully detailed drum lines on the reverse, a sign of a near-perfect strike and preservation.

Proof Bicentennial Quarter with Deep Cameo Contrast: A stunning proof coin where the frosted devices and mirrored fields create a dramatic cameo appearance, highly sought after by collectors.

Silver Composition Bicentennial Quarter: Unlike the common clad composition, this quarter was mistakenly struck on a pure silver planchet, making it a rare treasure.

Overstruck Bicentennial Quarter on a Foreign Planchet: This quarter was accidentally struck on a planchet intended for another country's currency, a mistake that rarely escapes the mint.

Bicentennial Quarter with Missing Obverse Clad Layer: Exhibiting a copper-colored obverse due to the absence of its nickel-clad layer, this error increases its rarity and value.

Reeded Edge Error Bicentennial Quarter: This quarter lacks the standard reeded edge, a minting error that makes it a unique piece for collectors.

Bicentennial Quarter with Triple Die Obverse: The details on the obverse of this quarter were struck three times, creating a noticeable and highly prized triple image.

Uncirculated Bicentennial Quarter with Rainbow Toning: Natural toning can create a rainbow effect on the surface of the coin, and when found on an uncirculated bicentennial quarter, it becomes a stunning piece desired by many.