1: "Austin Powers director to remake 80s movie with MCU stars. Get ready for a blast from the past with a modern twist!"

2: "Exciting news as iconic director joins forces with Marvel's finest for a remake of a beloved 80s classic. Stay tuned for updates!"

3: "Fans of Austin Powers and the MCU rejoice as a new collaboration is announced. Prepare for nostalgia meets superhero action!"

4: "Get ready to see your favorite MCU stars in a whole new light as they tackle a reimagined 80s movie. The excitement is real!"

5: "An unexpected yet thrilling move as the director of Austin Powers takes on a fresh project with MCU stars. Anticipation is high!"

6: "A match made in Hollywood heaven - Austin Powers director teams up with MCU stars for an epic remake. The 80s are back, baby!"

7: "Break out your legwarmers and spandex - a classic 80s movie is getting a modern makeover with a superhero twist. Can you dig it?"

8: "The ultimate blend of nostalgia and superhero action is coming your way with this exciting collaboration. Get ready for a wild ride!"

9: "Buckle up for a blast to the past with a modern twist as Austin Powers director revamps an 80s classic with MCU stars. Stay tuned!"

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