1: 1. "Sherlock" - Moriarty's cunning ways make him oddly likable. 2. "Breaking Bad" - Walter White's transformation into Heisenberg captivates. 3. "Game of Thrones" - Cersei's power-hungry antics keep viewers hooked.

2: 4. "Dexter" - The serial killer with a code evokes conflicting emotions. 5. "House of Cards" - Frank Underwood's manipulations are fascinating to watch. 6. "The Sopranos" - Tony's mob boss persona is strangely alluring.

3: 7. "The Americans" - KGB spies Philip and Elizabeth blur moral lines. 8. "You" - Joe's twisted obsession with love is disturbingly compelling. 9. "The Walking Dead" - Negan's villainous charisma is undeniable.

4: 10. "Ozark" - The Byrdes' descent into criminality is riveting. 11. "Succession" - The Roy family's power struggles keep viewers invested. 12. "Better Call Saul" - Jimmy McGill's transformation into Saul Goodman is intriguing.

5: 13. "Boardwalk Empire" - Nucky Thompson's underworld dealings are captivating. 14. "Breaking Bad" - Gustavo Fring's calculated ruthlessness is chilling. 15. "Sons of Anarchy" - Jax Teller's moral ambiguity makes for riveting drama.

6: 16. "The Crown" - Princess Diana's struggles against the royal family captivate. 17. "The Mandalorian" - Antihero bounty hunter Din Djarin steals the show. 18. "Narcos" - Pablo Escobar's rise and fall is a gripping tale.

7: 19. "True Detective" - The Yellow King's mysterious presence haunts the series. 20. "Fargo" - Lorne Malvo's villainous charisma is mesmerizing to watch. 21. "Hannibal" - Dr. Lecter's intellect and savagery make for a captivating character.

8: 22. "The Witcher" - Geralt of Rivia's dark past adds depth to his character. 23. "Mr. Robot" - Elliot Alderson's moral ambiguity keeps viewers guessing. 24. "Westworld" - The Man in Black's quest for truth is both intriguing and sinister.

9: 25. "True Blood" - Eric Northman's vampire allure makes him a fan favorite. 26. "Homeland" - Brody's complexity as a double agent is riveting. 27. "American Horror Story" - Tate Langdon's dark past is hauntingly fascinating.

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