1: 1. Pho: Add extra veggies like broccoli and carrots for a nutritious twist on this classic noodle soup.

2: 2. Bun Cha: Swap out pork for grilled chicken to lighten up this flavorful dish without sacrificing taste.

3: 3. Banh Xeo: Load up on fresh herbs and greens to boost the health benefits of this crispy Vietnamese pancake.

4: 4. Goi Cuon: Use brown rice paper and fill with shrimp, avocado, and mango for a refreshing and healthy summer roll.

5: 5. Com Ga: Substitute white rice with quinoa to add more protein and fiber to this fragrant chicken and rice dish.

6: 6. Bun Bo Hue: Opt for lean beef and skip the pork hock for a lighter version of this spicy and aromatic noodle soup.

7: 7. Ca Kho To: Choose fresh fish like salmon or cod to create a light and flavorful caramelized fish stew.

8: 8. Canh Chua: Load up on fresh vegetables and use low-sodium broth for a tangy and nutritious Vietnamese sour soup.

9: 9. Bo Luc Lac: Marinate steak with a homemade sauce made with fresh herbs and citrus for a healthier take on this flavorful beef dish.

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