1: Indulge in hummus with cucumber slices for a refreshing Mediterranean snack.

2: Grab a handful of olives and feta cheese for a savory and satisfying bite.

3: Try a bowl of Greek yogurt with honey and nuts for a protein-packed treat.

4: Snack on fresh fruits like grapes or figs for a sweet and nutritious option.

5: Pair whole grain crackers with sliced tomatoes and basil for a light and tasty snack.

6: Opt for a handful of mixed nuts and dried apricots for a quick and energizing pick-me-up.

7: Enjoy a small plate of bruschetta with olive oil and garlic for a flavorful snack.

8: Savor a slice of whole grain bread topped with avocado and cherry tomatoes for a filling snack.

9: Mix up tuna salad with lemon juice and herbs for a protein-rich Mediterranean snack option.

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