1: "Enjoy healthy snacking with these non-fried Indian snacks. Recipes for guilt-free indulgence."

2: "Masala roasted chickpeas - a flavorful, crunchy snack packed with protein and fiber."

3: "Baked samosas - a lighter twist on the classic favorite, perfect for a savory treat."

4: "Vegetable cutlets - crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, a delightful blend of veggies."

5: "Oven-baked pakoras - spicy and crispy fritters with a healthier baking alternative."

6: "Bhel puri - a popular street food snack, made at home with fresh ingredients and zesty flavors."

7: "Khandvi - a savory gram flour roll filled with coconut and spices, steamed for a light texture."

8: "Moong dal chilla - protein-rich savory pancakes, quick and easy to make for a satisfying snack."

9: "Baked kachoris - a delicious baked version of the traditional fried snack, filled with spiced lentils."

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