1: 1. Goku - his ultra instinct form makes him a formidable opponent against Whis.

2: 2. Saitama - known for his unbeatable strength, he can definitely give Whis a tough fight.

3: 3. Naruto - with his powerful ninjutsu skills, he has a chance at defeating Whis.

4: 4. Ichigo - his bankai forms and spiritual pressure can overwhelm even Whis.

5: 5. Meliodas - as the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, he possesses immense power.

6: 6. Luffy - his rubbery abilities and determination can match up to Whis's power.

7: 7. Rimuru - as a powerful demon lord, he has the potential to defeat Whis.

8: 8. Ainz - with his vast array of spells and magic, he can challenge Whis.

9: 9. Alucard - as an immortal vampire, he has the strength and speed to rival Whis.

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